Canadian Beer

Brewing Great Taste

Canada's brewery industry aims to please. The country's clean, natural environment, high-quality raw ingredients and abundant fresh water combine to create some of the best beers on world markets. Canada has a long brewing history and Canadian beer has an excellent reputation around the globe. Our beer industry produces a wide range of beer, lager, ale, stout, draught, porter and seasonal beers.

Brewed to perfection

Canadian beer is prized for its impressive quality and appealing taste. Both attributes rely on the ingredients used to make beer, namely our famous Canadian malting barley, in demand by brewers worldwide. Canada supplies about 30 percent of the world's malting barley. Barley must pass rigorous testing and evaluation before it is accepted as being suitable for malt production. Our full barley and brewery value chain is committed to working together to continually improve quality and meet the demands of beer drinkers everywhere.

The care and commitment that goes into each and every ‘made in Canada' brewery product is also evident at the quality assurance level. Through the Food and Drugs Act, Health Canada regulates the content of all brewery products. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency monitors our beer for compliance with net quantity, labeling and container regulations.

The science of beer

Beyond great quality, innovation has been key to the Canadian brewery industry's success. A keen understanding of international tastes and trends has served the industry well. Canada's innovative brewery products, including low-alcohol beer, malt-based coolers and ales are all gaining in popularity at home and abroad.

Committed to keeping ahead of international demand, our brewing and malting industries established the Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute. Its research and development efforts focus on creating and evaluating new malting barley varieties to meet the ever-changing needs of the brewing industry.

Taste the Canadian difference

Canada's enviable position as one of the world's leading brewing nations comes down to its purely Canadian assets: a clean natural growing environment, quality home-grown ingredients, committed industry experts, and a steady supply of pure fresh water. For more information on Canada's brewery industry capabilities, suppliers, products and investment opportunities, visit:

Government website

Industry websites

Trade Statistics

The following tables represent Canada's total trade in a given export commodity based on Statistics Canada data. The product categories represent HS code groupings and have not been modified. In most cases, statistics have been presented at the 6 or 8 digit level. Statistics are presented in Canadian dollars and are complete through year end 2010.

Canada's Exports to All Countries (HS Code 2203) - ($CAD)
  2008 2009 2010 2011 Growth 2008-2011
Beer Made from Malt 324,931,054 225,717,442 230,017,611 204,128,290 -37.2%

Canada's Exports to All Countries (HS Code 2203) - (Quantity, Litre)
  2008 2009 2010 2011 Growth 2008-2011
Beer Made from Malt 367,682,454 284,456,295 316,771,724 286,248,617 -22.1%

Canada's Exports to All Countries by Province (HS Code 2203, Value $CAD)
Province 2008 2009 2010 2011
Alberta 1,536,325 1,296,986 2,952,152 1,226,304
British Columbia 14,618,599 15,030,333 14,202,075 13,406,834
Manitoba 0 24,327 0 0
New Brunswick 47,874,189 45,207,707 51,457,368 50,856,880
Newfoundland and Labrador 0 8,849 18,416 0
Nova Scotia 0 40,589 14,889 10,699
Ontario 109,410,904 108,127,458 112,586,830 104,316,147
Prince Edward Island 0 0 0 0
Québec 151,452,986 55,981,193 48,774,611 34,311,426
Saskatchewan 38,051 0 11,270 0

Canada's Beer Markets (HS Code 2203, Value $CAD)
Country 2008 2009 2010 2011 Growth 2008-2011
United States 324,931,054 225,717,442 230,017,611 204,128,290 -37.2%