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Isn't it about time you stood out from the crowd? Adopt the Canada Brand for domestic or international markets!

Gain a competitive advantage and distinguish yourself both internationally and at home. Select a tab below to find out WHAT it is, WHY you should use it and then learn how to JOIN...

Canada - Respected and recognized around the world! Our pristine landscapes, friendly people, and trustworthy nature are recognizable trademarks of our vast country. Simply put, Quality is in our nature!

The Canada Brand strategy uses Canada's strong image to help companies cut through the clutter and distinguish themselves in the global marketplace.

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What is it?

The Canada Brand can help you differentiate your product from the competition, whether selling locally or abroad, and can have a positive impact on your overall profit margin.

And the Canada Brand strategy, based on sound research, is designed to complement your own branding efforts. Research, a large photo bank, branding graphics, attributes and other tools await you. And help is readily available along the way whenever you need it.

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Why use it?

By employing Canada Brand graphics, messaging, landscape and food images on all your marketing materials, tradeshow booths and food product packaging you will begin to experience the Canada Brand advantage... both in your international and domestic efforts.

As you begin to integrate the Canada Brand you will be able to avail yourself of help by means of our branding guides, online-tools, and live assistance from our team of branding officers.

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How to use it

To apply to start using the Canada Brand suite of tools, download the application and follow the instructions within the document to email (or fax) it to us.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Canada Brand family!

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Join us!

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