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Gain a marketing advantage by linking Canada's positive image to your food and agriculture products.  Research shows that consumers associate the Canada Brand with safe, high-quality products.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has developed a suite of free tools to help you leverage Canada's positive image and differentiate your products in the marketplace.  Learn how you can benefit by using the tools below.

Tools for Members

Canada Brand Graphics

Using the Canada Brand graphics can help your Canadian products stand out from the competition, build recognition and lead to increased demand and sales.

Photo Library

The Photo Library provides high-quality photographs for industry to use in marketing and promotional materials.

When Using in Canada - Domestic Content Statements

Canadian consumers are more likely to buy food and beverages clearly labelled as Canadian. Learn how to clearly promote the Canadian content of your products.

Messaging on Canada's Advantages

Key messages that emphasize the advantages of Canada's food and agriculture sector to positively differentiate your products from the competition.